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My name is Ciaran McCormick and I'm a KDB+/Q Developer, Functional Programmer and Big Data Devotee living in London, United Kingdom via Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Within the financial markets, having access to the right data in a time efficient manner makes all the difference. I focus on building the tools that gives users the edge.

Some photographs by me.

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    From Millennium Bridge

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  • The Gherkin and a Church

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About Me

Ciaran McCormick
KDB+/Q Developer / Functional Programmer / Big Data Devotee Download Resume

Personal Details

Name Ciaran McCormick
Birthday August 28th, 1986
Address London
Phone +447811181656
Email ciaran.mccormick

More about me

Hello, My name is Ciaran McCormick and I am a KDB+/Q Developer, Functional Programmer and Big Data Devotee, based in London, UK.

Our domain knowledge, combined with advanced analytical techniques and expertise in best-of-breed technologies, helps our clients get most out of their data.

Areas of expertise includes the provisioning of KDB+ experts to clients for support and development roles.


As well as a general interest in the financial markets and banking industry, I also follow the latest developments with regards to the evolving regulation of these industries and the political and economic impact they may have.

I have a keen interest reading and trying the latest and greatest software development technologies, whether it be on mobile, the cloud or the desktop. I currently dabble in python, Android/Java, Google App Engine/Go and javascript technologies such as jQuery and Node.js.

Over the past few years I have become heavily involved in the "Quantitative Self" movement. I workout several times a week, tracking every session, as well as tracking the food I eat, how much sleep I get and what I weigh. I believe this is the next big thing in popular computing. Living in London has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to photograph some of the worlds most famous landmarks. I find digital photography is a good way to relax and explore the city.


2012 - present
KDB+/Q Developer
AquaQ Analytics Ltd • Belfast/London I joined AquaQ's graduate program in the Summer of 2012 as a junior KDB+ developer. I now work for AquaQ's clients throughout London.
2008 - 2012
MSci Mathematics & Computer Science
Queens University Belfast I achieved a 1st Class Honours degree. My masters thesis was on the Laser/Hydrogen Interactions on the Quantum Level. As part the project I designed models that tried to accurately model the interactions between lasers of different wavelengths and Hydrogen atoms. This work was done using Fortran.
2005 - 2007
MBBS Medicine (Incomplete)
Durham University Before becoming interested in software development I had an interest in medicine and human biology. Unfortunately this interest was not maintained and so I felt it best to not pursue a career in medicine.
2010 - 2011
First Derivatives Award
Queens University Belfast
Awarded to the student with the highest score in the Financial Mathematics Module.
2009 - 2010
Asidua Award
Queens University Belfast
Awarded to the student with the highest individual score in the 2nd Year Group Project.

My Skills


KDB+ & Q - 75% Python - 55% Java - 60% HTML & CSS - 75%


Linux - 80% Windows - 65% OS X - 50% Git - 60% Subversion - 45%


KDB Tick+ - 75% Bash - 85% Financial Maths - 70% Agile Development - 80%

Tools I use



Ciaran McCormick London, United Kingdom +4478 1118 1656

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